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With more than 60,000 residents calling it home, Starr County includes Rio Grande City, Roma, and other small surrounding cities of the Rio Grande Valley region. Located near the border between Texas and Mexico, Starr County is a diverse area with growing industries and an expanding population. 

Running along the edge of the Starr County border, U.S. 83 is a major highway that cuts through some of the county’s most populous areas. Drivers use this highway and other busy roadways to travel to jobs in the region’s booming industries, which include manufacturing, oil and gas, maritime, retail, and more. These industries result in high commercial vehicle traffic, including 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and tankers, all of which can cause potentially devastating accidents. 

Between the risk of experiencing car and semi-truck accidents on major highways and that of experiencing on-the-job accidents resulting in personal injury in these dangerous industries, Starr County residents face potentially devastating incidents that threaten their financial stability.

Thankfully, the Starr County, TX, car accident lawyers, and personal injury attorneys at The Lopez Law Group are here to help support Starr residents and fight for their rightful compensation.

Starr County Car Accidents and Personal Injury Accidents

Car accidents occur every day throughout the state of Texas. According to data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were nearly 800 automobile crashes in Starr County in 2019 alone. More than 30 of those crashes resulted in suspected serious injuries, and 4 resulted in fatalities. As Starr County grows in population and nearby industries increase semi-truck and commercial vehicle traffic, residents become more at risk of car accidents on the county’s busy highways and roads. 

In addition to car accidents, Starr County residents are at risk of experiencing personal injury from on-the-job accidents and incidents in public spaces. The county’s location near popular industries such as oil and gas, maritime, and manufacturing means workers and citizens alike could experience debilitating personal injuries. 

For Starr County victims of car accidents or personal injury, finding an experienced local law firm is key to having reliable support and legal representation. 

Committed to Starr County and the Rio Grande Valley

When it comes to finding the best possible Starr County, TX, car accident lawyers, and personal injury attorneys, experience and reliability are just a part of the equation. It also matters that your legal representation is committed to local residents. As a Rio Grande Valley-based firm, The Lopez Law Group offers true dedication and understanding to our community born from our deep personal ties to the area. 

When Fernando J. Lopez began The Lopez Law Group more than 10 years ago, his mission was to provide professional and experienced legal representation to the community that he calls home. This commitment to serving his community helps The Lopez Law Group provide services tailored to the unique and diverse needs of the South Texas area, including serving clients in both English and Spanish. 

The Lopez Law Group — Here for Starr County Residents

As residents of the Rio Grande Valley ourselves, we prioritize the well-being of our neighbors and community members. Our Starr County, TX, personal injury lawyers, and car accident attorneys have decades of combined experience; we have represented more than 1,500 personal injury cases throughout the region, including commercial vehicle accident cases. 

Our proven experience and unmatched dedication to helping Rio Grande Valley residents receive the representation and compensation they deserve help us guide victims with the confidence and support they need during some of the most difficult times of their lives. We know how difficult the aftermath of a car accident or personal injury incident can be. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation consultations that allow victims to get all the information they need about their legal options before pursuing legal action. 

Our Starr County personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys are proud to serve Rio Grande City, McAllen, Pharr, Weslaco, Mission, Laredo, Edinburg, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, Houston, Tyler, Spring, and other locations throughout the state. Contact us online or call (956) 420-0781 to schedule your free case consultation.

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