What Injuries Can You Get from a Car Accident?

In the US, three million people are injured every year in car accidents. Two million of those injuries are permanent, meaning the victim’s lives are impacted by the effects of their car crash every day. Injuries from a car accident, whether permanent or temporary, can have lasting effects on victims’ physical, emotional, and mental health as well as their financial situation. 

Although drivers are at risk of experiencing car crash injuries every time they get on the road, many don’t understand the sheer scope of the danger they face. Here, we’ll discuss the types of injuries you can sustain from a car crash, what to do if you’ve been injured in a car accident, and what legal options you have to protect yourself from the damaging effects of car accident injuries. 

Common Car Accident Injuries & Their Impact

Whether due to high speeds, impacts from large vehicles like 18-wheelers, or dangerous road conditions, serious car accidents can cause major injuries. And many of these will be life-altering. Even minor accidents such as fender benders can cause painful injuries that make life difficult. Generally, car accident injuries fall into four categories — soft tissue injuries, head injuries, internal injuries, and mental/emotional injuries.

Soft tissue injuries typically include conditions like whiplash, contusions, and neck or back injuries. All of these can be very painful, but the amount of recovery needed for them depends largely on your specific case. 

Head injuries that commonly result from car accidents include concussions and traumatic brain injuries. All head injuries require immediate medical attention to try and prevent permanent damage. 

Commonly experienced internal injuries include sprains, strains, broken bones, and internal bleeding. Depending on the severity of the internal injuries, they may not become known until after the accident, so it’s always important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident, even if you don’t initially suspect an injury.

Physical injuries are not the only kinds of injuries that are common following car accidents. Mental and emotional well-being can be seriously affected in the aftermath of a car accident. Many car accident victims experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which can impact their ability to work and live a normal life. 

Steps to Take After Experiencing Injuries from a Car Crash

To ensure your health and well-being, there are some key steps to take following a car accident. First and foremost, you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Prompt treatment can help minimize the lasting effects of injuries and ensure that less obvious conditions, such as internal bleeding, are discovered in time to receive medical attention. 

Once you’ve received medical care, follow your physician’s ongoing treatment plan to recover fully. That may include medications, doctor visits, physical therapy, rest, time off from work, psychotherapy, and more. Be sure to document all of your medical expenses related to the treatment of your car accident injuries so you can receive proper compensation. 

While you’re recovering, you’ll likely be in communication with insurance companies who are looking to quickly settle your claim. It’s important to not rush into a settlement with the insurance company, because often they will try to lowball victims or avoid paying damages altogether. 

Many victims find that partnering with an auto accident attorney is the best way to receive the damages needed to cover their car crash injury expenses. If you’ve experienced injuries in a car accident, remember that you have legal options to advocate for yourself and get the compensation you deserve.

The Lopez Law Group — Here for Car Accident Victims

As car accident injury attorneys, the team at The Lopez Law Group knows how confusing and complicated the car crash injury recovery and settlement process can be. That’s why we’re committed to helping victims understand their legal options by offering a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss their cases. We have decades of combined experience helping car accident injury victims get compensation for their damages, and we are proud to offer services in both English and Spanish. 

The Texas car crash lawyers at The Lopez Law Group are proud to serve Weslaco, Mission, McAllen, Laredo, Edinburg, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, Houston, Tyler, Spring, and other locations throughout the state. We also serve the Washington, D.C., area. Contact us online or call (956) 968-7800 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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