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Choosing an Experienced Boating Accident Attorney in Weslaco, TX

Weslaco Boating Accident LawyerWith more than 150 freshwater lakes and access to beautiful Gulf coast beaches, Texas offers plenty of ways to enjoy recreational boating. But boating accidents happen, and depending on the situation, they can cause severe injury — and in certain cases, even death.

If you’ve been in a boating accident, your first priority should be your health and healing, not worrying about how to navigate a complicated legal process. At the Lopez Law Group, we’re here to help ease the burden. From making smart decisions about medical care to filing a claim and negotiating a fair settlement for all of your damages, we’ll help build a strong case. We’re here to fight for your compensation, so you can focus on what matters most — your recovery.

What to Know About Boating Accident Cases

Because federal, state, and international maritime laws each have their own regulations regarding boating accidents, creating a claim for your case without the help of a boat injury lawyer can get complicated. 

Every boating accident case is different, but most result in injuries of varying degrees, and sometimes those injuries are permanent. Victims suffering from these conditions often face long recovery times, high medical costs, emotional trauma, loss of motor function or ability to work, and other complications. Common boating accidents include collisions — whether between two or more boats or a fixed object — capsizing, grounding, and water skiing or jet skiing accidents. Common boating accident injuries that stem from these situations include:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Back injury
  • Eye injury
  • Whiplash
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputation
  • Wrongful death

Boating Accident FAQs

What is the first action required in a boating accident in Weslaco?

The first action boaters should take after a boating accident is to contact local law enforcement and provide them with a full and accurate description of the incident, including the number of people involved and any property damage that was caused. Boaters should also take photos of the damage if possible, as well as collect contact information from witnesses who were present at the time of the incident. This will help ensure boaters can make their case for compensation effectively.

What types of damages can be recovered with the help of a boating accident attorney?

Boating accident attorneys can help boaters receive compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other types of damages related to the boating accident.

Why Hire a Boating Accident Attorney to Help with Your Case?

When you’re facing the challenges of injury, steep medical costs, and a complicated legal claim, you’ll need a trusted ally on your side to help you make informed decisions that will ensure the best outcome for your case, and therefore your settlement. A boat injury lawyer will also be able to negotiate compensation for the unexpected expenses associated with your recovery that cannot easily be calculated, such as:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Impairment of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage to your vehicle

How Can The Lopez Law Group Help?

At the Lopez Law Group, we know you have a choice of which Texas boating accident attorney you choose to represent your case, and we take our responsibility very seriously. We proudly serve the Weslaco, Tyler, Spring, Mission, McAllen, Laredo, Houston, Edinburg, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, and Harlingen areas. We’re here to help you understand your rights and assist you in the process of seeking damages and compensation for your injuries every step of the way. Here’s how:

  • We’ll conduct an investigation. Boating accident claims are often more complicated than they seem, which is why you’ll need an expert by your side to prove liability. Using all available evidence in your case, we’ll determine every possible cause in order to hold the at-fault party responsible.
  • We’ll create an action plan. No two boating accidents are alike. We’ll counsel you throughout the complex legal process and develop a strategy that’s uniquely suited to your case, focused on your recovery and compensation. 
  • We’ll take your case to court if necessary. To avoid the uncertainty of a trial, most boat accident cases are resolved with a settlement. However, we’re dedicated to recovering the compensation that you are fairly entitled to under the law — no matter what it takes. If fair negotiation cannot be reached, we’ll prepare your case for trial to hold negligent parties accountable. 
  • We’ll negotiate the best possible settlement. Leave negotiating with dishonest insurance providers to us. We have years of experience handling cases like yours, and no matter how complex your case, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re awarded the compensation you deserve. 

At the Lopez Law Group, we have years of experience helping individuals and their families recover from boating accident injuries so they can focus on getting their lives back on track. If you have been involved in a boating accident and need to hire a Texas attorney, we can help.

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