Personal Injury Lawyers, Pharr, TX.

Pharr is one of the major cities making up the greater McAllen metropolitan area, and it’s fair to say that the residents of Pharr see their fair share of accidents. From dog bites to pile-ups, personal injury accidents happen every day, and you need to know about what to do to get justice in case you’re ever involved in a personal injury.

If you’ve been injured in Pharr due to someone else’s actions or negligence, you deserve compensation for your losses. The personal injury attorneys here at The Lopez Law Group would be proud to help you fight for whatever compensation you may be owed. We’ll put your needs first and fight tirelessly to get you a fair payout.

Personal Injury Lawyers, Pharr, TX.

Do You Need a Pharr Personal Injury Lawyer?

After some types of personal injury accidents, you may be able to seek compensation on your own without help from a personal injury attorney. However, in many cases, failing to get assistance from an experienced injury lawyer could put your case at risk. If your case involved any of the following, you should reach out to a Pharr personal injury attorney for help seeking justice:

  • An injury
  • A semi-truck or other commercial vehicle
  • Multiple at-fault parties
  • Unclear fault
  • Improper road maintenance or signage
  • Vehicle malfunctions

How Long Do You Have to File Your Pharr Personal Injury Lawsuit?

After a Pharr personal injury, you will have a limited amount of time in which to file a personal injury lawsuit for relief. The statute of limitations on personal injury suits in Texas is two years. That means you have two years from the point of your accident to take legal action. 

However, if the injured party was a minor at the time of the accident, you may have until the injured party turns 20 to file a suit. A Pharr personal injury lawyer can tell you more about your timeline for relief.

How Much Pharr Personal Injury Compensation Is Available?

Personal injury compensation is meant to make up for the harm caused during an accident, and that includes both physical and emotional damage. Some of the damages commonly included in personal injury compensation include the following:

  • Medical Bills — Personal injuries can cause serious injuries leading to both short-term and long-term medical bills.
  • Lost Wages — Whether you miss a day or a year, you may be owed compensation for the wages you would have made if you had not been injured.
  • Reduced Earning Power — Similar to lost wages, if your injury left you unable to perform your job, you may be owed for the reduction in your earning power.
  • Reduced Quality of Life — Personal injuries can have a lasting impact on our ability to enjoy and function in life.
  • Pain and Suffering — From the emotional distress of the accident itself to the mental toll of recovery, you may be owed for the pain and suffering caused by your personal injury.
  • Disability — Disabilities can cause considerable expenses, from medical care to the cost of living adjustments.
  • Disfigurement — Unfortunately, disfigurement and scarring can have a real negative impact on our lives. You may be owed compensation for that harm.
  • Property Damage — If your personal injury involves damage to your property, you may be owed compensation for repairs or replacement.

How Can a Pharr Personal Injury Attorney Help You?

Failing to get assistance from a Pharr personal injury attorney could put some cases at risk, but what exactly can an injury lawyer do for you? Here at The Lopez Law Firm, we’re dedicated to helping victims of personal injuries seek justice. 

Below you can find a few of the ways that we can help your case:

  • FREE, no-obligation case review
  • Experienced insights and strategies
  • Clear, consistent communication
  • Case planning and management
  • Bilingual services
  • Case investigation
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Preparing for trial
  • Trial representation

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s actions or negligence, reach out to the Pharr personal injury attorneys at The Lopez Law Group for help.

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