Who Is Responsible For A Wrongful Death?

The particulars of your case will determine who can be held accountable for wrongful death. Wrongful death lawsuits may be filed against a huge range of people and organizations.

The following are some of the most typical wrongful death case types and the parties involved in each:

  • Vehicle Drivers
    Every day, fatal collisions involving all kinds of cars occur for a variety of reasons, which contribute to the high accident rates. Driving while texting, being intoxicated, preoccupied, speeding, or driving carelessly through traffic are all common. In a wrongful death case, the other driver who caused your loved one’s death, as well as their company, will be held accountable.
  • Government Agencies
    An action for wrongful death can be brought against a government organization when it is at fault for a tragic accident, such as a car accident brought on by a lack of traffic signs or a traffic enforcer  However, there are specific circumstances in which government entities and personnel are given extra-legal defenses.
  • Medical Professionals
    Medical malpractice is defined as the failure of a medical practitioner fails to treat a patient with the level of care that is reasonably expected of them and harms the patient as a result. In the event that a patient dies as a result of medical malpractice, the healthcare professional and/or their company may probably be liable in a wrongful death action.
  • Manufacturers of Detective Products
    Manufacturers of consumer goods and other parties engaged in their distribution may be held accountable if a fatality results from a product’s flaw and sale to customers.


How to Prove That Another Party is Liable for a Wrongful Death

The executor of the decedent’s estate or the survivor’s family must establish the following elements in order to properly hold another party accountable for wrongful death:

  1. Duty of Care: The responsible person had a responsibility of care to for the deceased. For instance, a negligent driver owes it to other road users to follow the law, and a property owner has a duty to keep their space adequately safe for guests. 
  2. Breach of Duty: As an example, driving while intoxicated or neglecting to remedy a known hazard on a property are examples of how the at-fault party breached their duty by failing to act responsibly. 
  3. Causation: The death of the person was directly caused by the at-fault party’s failure to uphold their responsibility. In other words, if it weren’t for the negligent party’s acts, your loved one wouldn’t have passed away. 
  4. Damages: The death of their loved one resulted in financial, emotional, or other losses for the deceased’s estate or remaining family.


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