When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

No matter how severe, all car accidents can cause injuries, property damage, and unforeseen complications in the lives of those involved. The difficulty associated with managing medical conditions, vehicle repair, and insurance matters can often lead victims to accept insurance payment offers prior to ensuring that they’ve taken all the possible steps to understand and protect their legal rights. A car accident lawyer can help streamline the settlement process and advocate for victims in situations where they feel pressured to accept liability or a subpar settlement. 

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you might be wondering whether you should hire an attorney. Some victims of car accidents may not believe that their injuries warrant working with a lawyer, and others may not seek legal action because they don’t know if their accident qualifies. The Lopez Law Group, a team of experienced car accident lawyers in Texas, is committed to helping victims understand their rights, including when to consider partnering with a lawyer. 

Essential Steps Following a Car Accident

Regardless of whether or not you think you need a car accident attorney, there are very important steps that all car accident victims should take immediately following the accident to ensure that they are protected legally in the long term. Any accident, regardless of apparent severity, poses risks that could drastically affect your physical and emotional health as well as your financial situation. The steps to take following an accident include: 

  • Check all drivers, passengers, and nearby pedestrians for injury. 
  • Seek immediate medical attention if there are injuries.
  • Immediately report the accident to the authorities and ensure that a police report is filed.
  • Exchange information between all involved parties, including license, registration, insurance info, and contact information. 
  • Take detailed photographs and videos of all damage and the accident scene.
  • Get witness contact information and statements. 

Adhering to these best practices will help ensure that you have the right documentation to support your claim with insurance providers and car accident attorneys. This will be especially important if you discover overlooked damage or long-term health issues down the line.

When to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Once everyone involved in the accident has been properly treated medically and the authorities have been notified, it’s time to start thinking about the possibility of partnering with a car accident attorney. Although every case is different, certain situations should most definitely be handled by an experienced legal professional, including: 

  • Accidents with severe injuries that result in extended time off from work, large medical bills, and decreased quality of life. These types of injuries complicate cases and should be approached only by professionals.
  • Accidents with a dispute regarding fault. Experienced car accident lawyers in Texas know that we are in an “at fault” state, meaning the at-fault party is responsible for covering damages related to the accident. Insurance adjusters will often try to assign some level of fault to victims to ensure that their compensation is reduced. An attorney can help you dispute the case and understand your options. 
  • Accidents in which the insurance payout offer is lower than you expected. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to lowball victims. An experienced car accident lawyer can help Texas victims by negotiating settlements. 

If your case does not fall into these categories, or if you’re still unsure about hiring an attorney for your car accident case, it may be worth meeting with a lawyer to better understand your legal rights. Any accident involving injury or property damage could necessitate legal support. Most firms offer no-obligation consultations, meaning you can meet with an attorney to discuss your options and gain a better understanding of your legal rights without any financial commitment. 

The Lopez Law Group Can Help

No matter how severe your car accident, the car accident lawyers at our Texas-based law firm can help. The Lopez Law Group proudly serves Weslaco, Mission, McAllen, Laredo, Edinburg, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, Houston, Tyler, Spring, and other locations throughout the state.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping victims understand their legal rights and determining the best possible course of action for their unique case. We offer a free case evaluation to help accident victims know what level of compensation they may be entitled to and what their legal options are. Contact us online today or call (956) 968-7800 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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