The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents happen more frequently than you would imagine. At The Lopez Law Group, we examine the most frequent injuries and how you might stop them from occurring at work. We have expert workplace injury lawyers available to you anytime. Continue reading to know more about the most common workplace injuries. 

Common Workplace Injuries 

Injuries can happen just about anywhere and anytime. However, nobody wants to suffer a catastrophic accident while at work. Governments and organizations have implemented policies to lessen workplace accidents over time. Safety commissions, state and federal rules, staff training, policies, and procedures have all contributed to a decrease in workplace fatalities and injuries.

  1. Slips and falls
    The most frequent causes of worker’s compensation claims and some of the most frequent types of workplace injuries are slips, trips, and falls. These include:
    • Icy, slippery, or wet floor caused you to slip
    • Unprotected sides or gaps, low illumination, or debris caused you to trip
    • Fall from ladders, roofs, or construction sites near skyscrapers


  2. Overexertion Injuries
    Muscle strains and repetitive strain injuries (RSI), two types of overexertion injuries, can result in chronic, crippling discomfort and a general decline in productivity including:
    • Incorrect lifting methods
    • Lifting large objects by hand
    • Monotonous work without breaks
    • Pushing, lugging, lifting, or flinging
    • Using a mouse or keyboard without proper ergonomics

    Your company should have provided you with the necessary training on how to carry out physical work safely and how to avoid strained muscles. If they didn’t, look into OSHA’s ergonomics education.
    Do not delay in visiting an urgent care clinic in your area if you are feeling any pain or discomfort from overexertion. Untreated wounds might worsen over time, giving you more problems in the future.


  3. Loose pieces of equipment and falling objects injuries
    We’ve all bumped into a wall or walked into a sharp edge of a counter, but when you work in a high-risk profession, these injuries can be much more serious. Serious hand injuries, amputated limbs or fingers, traumatic head injuries, stress fractures or complete bone breaks, blindness, and other injuries fall under this category. These kinds of workplace accidents are frequently brought on by:
    • Unprotected machinery
    • Falling objects, supplies, or tools
    • A body part of the employee being entangled in wires or gears
    • Pressure exists between the injured party and the injury’s cause.
    • The failure of large machinery
    • Striking a piece of furniture or equipment
    • Being forced against any kind of hard surface
    • stumbling against machines or barriers

    Fortunately, a majority of these mishaps may be avoided by being alert to your surroundings, according to set policies and procedures, utilizing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), avoiding baggy clothes, and stowing away needless hazards.

Experienced A Workplace Injury In Weslaco, TX?

Knowing what to do if you fall on your back is crucial if you work in a workplace where falls are possible. Even seemingly slight wounds could have long-lasting effects. Make sure you get frequent breaks, that you make use of that time to stretch and rest, and that you use the mechanical lifting equipment to lift anything more than 50 pounds in order to prevent overexertion and lower your risk of suffering long-lasting physical harm. If you are looking for an experienced workplace injury lawyer in Weslaco, TX, contact The Lopez Law Group at 972-793-8989 for a free consultation! 


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