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Since passing the State Bar in Texas in 1995, Ali Mokaram has dedicated his professional career to helping injured clients seek the compensation they need to move forward and recover. His prior experience includes being a law clerk at the Southern District of the United States Attorney’s Office Major Crimes Division as well a personal injury lawyer before opening the Mokaram Law Firm.

By the year 2000, at age 30, Mr. Mokaram had already recovered millions in compensation on behalf of his clients. He spent his next 10 years in co-counsel with many prominent names in the legal world. In 2011, Mr. Mokaram and Mr. Walter Humphrey handled a high-profile concussion lawsuit on behalf of many former players against the NFL. 

He currently represents more than 400 NFL players with NFL litigation attorneys Jeffrey Stern and David Buckley. Currently, this settlement is the first “open-ended” in history, meaning that Mr. Mokaram fought for the NFL to put up as much compensation as needed for recovering former players.

Technologically Advanced Practice

Mr. Mokaram is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology. He is one of the first accident lawyers in the U.S. to use a completely private, secure, and online setup process vetted by professors of ethics law. With this technology, Mr. Mokaram is able to focus his practice on a wider scale, helping clients throughout the country with multidistrict litigation, drug and manufacturer defects, catastrophic injuries, car accidents, commercial truck accidents, and other large claims and torts.

He has the resources and financial help to bankroll these cases, offering assistance for families and individuals in need. He is not only well versed in the law, but able to lend his considerable experience and insights to complex cases, working hard to get clients the full compensation they need and deserve.


The University of Texas at Austin

Texas Southern University, J.D.